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Sounds of the Jabal

Sounds of the Jabal

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A book to encourage baby coos and giggles. Ah-goo!

Sounds of the Jabal is a simple picture book, featuring cute high contrast illustrations inspired by the sweet life of the country side. What are the sounds we hear as we go about our day?

A little about baby at age 3mo:

Babies love to hear your voice! It’s really important to talk to your baby, and it doesn’t have to feel awkward. At this age (starting at 2-3 months) babies get more aware of their surroundings as they’re getting more awake time. You’ll notice that they love to hear soft music and your voice while you chit chat. That’s the age that they also start to smile! Vowels are a main attraction—you can see their smile and eyes shine bright when they hear a sound they love.

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