Meet the Founder

As the founder of Yousra & Co., I am proud to share my culture, and the cultures of others, with the world. Being half Palestinian and half Jordanian, I have always been passionate about celebrating the rich identity of my people.

My background in human relations, and behavioral therapy has played a significant role in shaping my understanding of the importance of cultural identity and self-worth. I believe that having physical representations of one's culture in the home can serve as a reminder of one's heritage and provide a sense of connection to one's roots. It also allows people outside of that culture to celebrate diversity in their home and appreciate the richness of the world.

After visiting Palestine for the first time as a mother, I couldn't help but notice the air felt different. Holding my baby in my arms, I felt a sense of responsibility to ensure that my children and their children would not lose their connection to their roots. I was determined to do my part in preserving Palestinian culture. I'm sure people of all other nationalities who live outside of their countries feel that same exact way, the longing to safeguard their legacy and pass it down to future generations. Therefore, Yousra & Co is my contribution.

We specialize in sourcing and selling authentic, handcrafted sculptures, pottery and other forms of traditional art. We currently work with artisans from Palestine and Jordan, as well as other global ethical suppliers, to bring the beauty of our world to a wider audience. Our goal is to not only to support the artisans in Palestine and Jordan but also to expand our reach globally, by collaborating with artisans from other countries, to showcase their unique and diverse traditional arts.

I am proud to be able to share my passion for traditional art with others and to help them connect with their background in a new and meaningful way. I also welcome people outside of these cultures to join this movement, and to appreciate and celebrate the richness and diversity of the world. I am excited to grow the company and to bring even more beautiful and authentic art into people's homes and give back to their communities. United we stand.

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